Four-channel digital video on four digital frames, gaffer’s tape

Perfect Pixels is a video sculpture series in which the Rule of Thirds intersection pixels of classic films are highlighted and magnified on four wall-mounted screens. Each installation of the series displays the perfect pixels from a film that won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography, showing the entire runtime of the film in a loop. Marked with the Rule of Thirds guidelines, the otherwise blank wall serves as the remainder of the film’s aspect ratio.

The Rule of Thirds is the compositional principle that divides an image into thirds vertically and horizontally. Cinematographers align subjects along those guides to create the most visually interesting composition. The points where these lines intersect are said to be the most visually powerful in the composition. Drawing this idea to its logical conclusion, the exact pixels at those points should be the most perfect pixels throughout the entire film.

The individual pixels are so small that you might not be able to see them blinking. But when they are magnified, they become colored flicker films, charged with the most important visual information in their original source film.