Perfect Pixels is included in this group exhibition as part of the Light City event in Baltimore

Presented by PNC
A Light City Pop-up Gallery
April 13 – 22
Harborplace Pavilion – 1st floor

A collaboration between UMBC and Towson University, the Spark Gallery will feature a variety of light-based work. Organized by Ginevra Shay, Spark will be on display during the festival and featured as a stop on the BGE Light Art Walk for the first time. Spark is a multi-media gallery highlighting the work of local teaching artists.


Kyohei Abe (Towson)
Stephen Bradley and Tagide deCarvalho (UMBC)
Amanda Burnham (Towson)
Lynn Cazabon (UMBC)
Cathy C. Cook (UMBC)
Phil Davis (Towson)
Liz Donadio and Shannon Collis (Towson)
Eric Dyer (UMBC)
Jenn Figg and Mathew McCormack (Towson)
Carrie Fucile (Towson)
fourhead (Towson)
Jenee Mateer (Towson)
Lisa Moren, Jaimes Mayhew, Neja Tom and Martin Bricelj Baraga (UMBC)
Ryan Schmal Murray (Towson)
Timothy Nohe (UMBC)
Corrie Francis Parks (UMBC)
Sarah G. Sharp (UMBC)
Nahid Tootoonchi (Towson)
Lynn Tomlinson (Towson)