Space Helmet

Globe, papier-mâché, box, antennae, plastic tubes, spray paint, plastic film, video monitor, 2 minute digital video loop Space Helmet is aesthetically inspired by a 1950s…

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Inkjet on paper, exposed to water and sunlight, in plastic sheet protectors The Lost series is a group of dozens and dozens of “lost” flyers…

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Console: Entertainment System Broken Nintendo Entertainment System, polyurethane foam, latex paint The Console series is a group of found-object sculptures created from the popular video…

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Picture Frame

Digital images loop on digital picture frame 2012 This sculpture utilizes the digital picture frame as subject matter and as an animated video format. Images…

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High-definition video loop, monitor, installed in a decorative fireplace 2012 This high-definition video of a fake fire in a fake fireplace was created as a…

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Get Inked!

In collaboration with Kelly Schmal Performed for Artscape Midway 2010 Funded in part by the Baltimore Office for Promotion of the Arts Participatory Installation 2010…

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Computer keys, dowels 2009 A readymade portal, allowing magical transport through your personal computer keyboard to virtual worlds and online fantasies.

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