Maria Jonsson - Untitled
Maria Jonsson - Untitled (hanger and copper tape) 2012

If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.
– Gaston Bachelard, Poetics of Space

We believe in an unconstrained way of living. That the most important thing is to have a home you feel comfortable in every day. A home where you can express your style, a home that puts your comfort first and has a big heart for welcoming friends and family no matter if it is Tuesday or Saturday.
– 2012-2013 IKEA Catalog

Lease Agreement is a collaborative curatorial project by artists Adam Farcus and Allison Yasukawa. Set in the living room of the couple’s rental house, Lease Agreement continues in the tradition of apartment gallery exhibition spaces by exhibiting conceptually rigorous, engaging work within the context of a home.

The inaugural exhibition, Warm, takes its name from the tradition of a housewarming and establishes a framework for this conversation between art and living space. The work by these eight artists references the construct of home–the emotional state that signifies comfort and security–while also referring to the construction of a home through building materials, representations of houses, and detoured domestic objects.

Warm is one of several events around Baltimore held in conjunction with the exhibition, House Show, at Case[werks].

-Adam Farcus & Allison Yasukawa, 2012

Rebecca Beachy (Chicago)
Gavin Bunner(Los Angeles)
Ben Graham-Putter(Baltimore)
Maria Jonsson(Chicago)
Mary Laube (Iowa City)
Ashley Morgan  (Milwaukee)
Ryan Murray (Baltimore)
Irene Perez  (Barcelona, Spain)

Reception: Friday, October 5, 6pm – 9pm
October 5 – October 30
Hours by appointment

Lease Agreement
3718 Ellerslie Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21218