Sweaty Eyeballs Animation series is thrilled to present a new live score to a classic silent animation. The Adventures of Prince Achmed by German animator Lotte Reiniger is considered the first feature-length silent animation made in 1926. The film is made with gorgeous cut paper silhouette animation, telling a tale from The Arabian Nights of Prince Achmed who overcomes the deception of an evil sorcerer, finds love, befriends Alladin, and embarks on a wondrous adventure.

A group of 12 Baltimore region musicians will be breathing new life into the film with six original musical scores set to the scenes of the film. Along with the live music the film will also be accompanied by foley sound artists, Matt Davies and Rich Bussey, creating live sound effects for the entire film!

Musicians & Sound Artists involved include:
– Deakin and Geologist (Animal Collective)
– Stephen Santillan and Emmanuel Nicolaidis (Oh Hang)
– Gretchen Lohse and Thomas Hughes (Carol Cleveland Sings)
– Ryan Murray, Phil Davis, and Albert Birney (Mountain Peaks and Teen Men)
– Ami Dang
– Bruce Willen (Peals) and Sarah Hughes
– Matt Davies and Rich Bussey â€“ Foley Sound Effects (Studio Unknown)

Along with the screenings there will be a free silhouette animation workshop in the lobby of the Parkway teaching puppet building, lighting techniques, and animating with a smartphone.